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Qu Ngoại tại Ninh Ha.
Hội vin Hội Keep Orlando
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Hội International Poetry.
Tổng Thư K Hội VAALA
Florida.  C thơ đăng ở
nhiều tuyển tập v bo ch
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Tm niệm viết l để mua
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Florida, Hoa Kỳ











                         Tranh: Lương Lệ Huyền Chiu





Just having fun, I have to face the blue sadness

My life has thousands of misery

My poetry is not too good, like the darkness

I grab the flowers from the sky to cover the dried stone


Tomorrow when I die , please don't give any condolences

There is only absurdity

The night of desperate, full of lying

I draw my life, full of dust


Holding unhappiness , I mistake as happiness

I deceive myself by the illusions

Broken moon for the sun feeling shameful

For thousands years echo the sound of taking vows


I'm crazy in the chaotic world

Don't drink yet, I'm just get drunk by witched wine and ghost beer

Drying river and crying ocean

You give me the last words


Just accept it, lullaby my soul, painful forever

Ponder thoroughly for understanding God's sake

Don't over-dream to get more misletoes

They will wrap our lives may karma undetachable

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Trần minh Hiền




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